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Hi Wendy,

Just a quick note to let you know that my wife and I really enjoyed your video, it exceeded our expectations. You and Harold did a fantastic job, can't wait for your next one. Thanks.

Ray Beck
Bay Shore, NY

Ride Nova Scotia by Motorcycle DVD is a gem and a must have for motorcycle enthusiasts who live in the Province or are planning to travel here.

I thought I knew every curve and corner in this province until I watched your DVD. There is so much more to see and explore. I just can’t wait for the riding weather to arrive!

I enjoyed your DVD so much, I bought a second to send as a gift for my riding buddy in Ontario. Hopefully it will do the job to convince him another trip “Down East” is in order for this summer! Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to next year’s release.

Biker from Bedford
P.S. Love the Dutch Mason music in the background!

My wife and I just finished watching your movie. It almost put us there, even that one-of-a-kind Harley growl that you can tastefully hear rumbling through the country and mountain roads was there. A well-balanced meal for the hungry biker in the off-season looking to experience the beauty and friendliness of our Nova Scotia. We would highly recommend this movie to all our friends in Florida and Vermont as a solid information source to travel in Nova Scotia. We would like to congratulate Harold and Wendy Nesbitt for spending their time and money to make Nova Scotia a more motorcycle friendly place to go. We would also like to order the next volume.

Thanks again.
Bill and Irene Jollimore

Congratulations guys!

I have watched the draft copy at least four times now and after more than 60 years on a bike through Nova Scotia you have shown me stuff that I missed while watching out for cage drivers and oxen. Each time I play it, more shows up and really puts the reason for biking here in focus,(no pun intended).

One last mention - DO MORE PLEASE!

Bill Lockhart